Wednesday, December 29, 2010

LBS Bina unit buys stake in Astana Modal

LBS Bina Group Bhd unit LBS Bina Holdings Sdn Bhd has signed a share sale agreement with Meh Kok Chau for the acquisition of 75,000 shares, which represent 30 per cent equity interest of Astana Modal (M) Sdn Bhd (AMMSB), for RM22.136 million cash.In a filing with Bursa Malaysia, LBS said the acquisition would raise its equity stake in AMMSB to 65 per cent. "The proposed acquisition is in line with the group's strategy of moving towards developing more medium high-end to high-end properties," it said.AMMSB, a property developer, has signed a joint venture agreement with Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Bhd to develop a piece of land in Sepang with a gross development value of RM2.9 billion. The project is tentatively known as D’Island Residence. Phase I of the project is planned to be launched to public in February/March 2011. Site clearance and earthwork on Phase I of the project site has commenced in August 2010. The project is tentatively planned to be a self-contained township which consists of the following mixed developments, spanning over an estimated project period of 8 years and is expected to end in year 2018:
i) Superlink House
ii) Semi-Detached unit
iii) Bungalow
iv) Condominium
v) Commercial hub
vi) Club House

source: BTimes

Monday, December 27, 2010

Measures in place to ease congestion on LDP

One of the never-ending problems of Puchong residents is the traffic jam on the Damansara-Puchong Highway (LDP).
Many residents have to go through the daily task of braving the congestion during rush hours.
Highway concessionaire Litrak believes the highway has boosted development because 66 new projects have sprouted since its opening in January 1999.
The contra-flow system was introduced to mitigate the evening gridlock on the LDP, after the Sunway toll.

These residential, business and industrial projects, in turn, contributed to a huge volume of traffic on the highway.
In a bid to resolve the gridlock in Puchong, Litrak introduced the contra flow system in March.
Motorists heading towards Putrajaya from the Sunway toll are allowed to use 2.7km of an opposite lane, thus taking some load off the south-bound traffic.
Initially, the scheme, which was in place from 4.30pm to 8.30pm on Mondays to Fridays, did not go down too well with the residents. Some felt that it had worsened the congestion due to confusion and the closure of the elevated U-turn near the IOI Mall in Bandar Puchong Jaya.
There were also some residents who applauded the brave move, as they could enjoy a smoother ride home.
Generally, as the highway users got accustomed to the changes, improvements could be observed at the Sunway toll. It took a shorter time to get past the toll booth now.
Judging by the success of the system in alleviating congestion, Litrak has decided to make the contra flow permanent.
It was announced by Litrak CEO Sazally Saidi in October that the two-way bridge at the Puchong Jaya Interchange would only be opened for south-bound traffic.
In return, a new 490m bridge would be built for the north-bound traffic. Work would start in January and be completed by February 2013.
“With the current three lanes at the south-bound mainline increased to five, motorists who want to bypass Puchong will be segregated from those getting into Puchong areas,” Sazally said.
The plan, which was part of the LDP Congestion Mitigation Plan 2009-2012, would cost about RM74mil.
This year, Litrak has also carried out widening work between the Puchong Perdana Interchange and Kampung Baru Interchange to improve traffic flow.
An additional lane has been added in both directions and the junction of Puchong Perdana and LDP has been upgraded, too.
A 700m ramp from the Puchong Intan Interchange to Puchong Perdana Interchange is still under construction and is expected to be completed by the end of next year.
With these plans in place, Puchong residents can keep their fingers crossed for better traffic flow. But first, they have to be patient and endure the inconveniences caused by the construction of the said facilities.

source: TheStar

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sakura @ Taman Putra Prima

'Sakura Malaysia' (Tabebuia Rosea in scientific terms) in full bloom @ Taman Putra Prima

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Taman Putra Prima to Saujana Putra

Taman Putra Prima to Saujana Putra, this road would take you to ELITE and SKVE highway.

Friday, December 3, 2010

D'Island Residence in Puchong

LBS Bina Group Bhd will launch its jewel project called D'Island Residence in Puchong that specifically caters to the high-end market by February or March next year.
This project will be a catalyst for the group's plans to embark into the higher level of the property market. We plan to launch 122 units of super-link houses that cost RM888,000 each and 74 units of semi-detached houses at a price of RM1.6mil each.
Overall, the project will span eight years with gross development value (GDV) of RM2.1bil, he says.
D'Island Residence will be developed on 175 acres and once completed, it will have a total of 237 units of super-link house, 298 units of semi-detached, 148 units of bungalow and 352 high-end condominiums.

source: TheStar

Road-widening work on LDP stretch completed

THE road-widening work on the stretch of Damansara-Puchong Highway (LDP) between the Puchong Perdana and Kampung Baru interchanges was completed last month.
The work involved adding one more lane to the existing three-lane road.
The slip road at the Puchong Perdana Interchange has been widened, providing three right-turn lanes into Persiaran Puchong Perdana.
Two more lanes had also been built for motorists to turn left at the junction of Persiaran Puchong Perdana and LDP for smoother traffic flow when entering or exiting Persiaran Puchong Perdana.
Litrak CEO Sazally Saidi said all these were included in the first phase of the upgrading work in the area.
The second phase, which is still ongoing and expected to be completed in December 2011, is a 700m south-bound two-lane ramp from the Puchong Intan Interchange to Puchong Perdana Interchange.
The highway concessionaire is also planning to spend RM74mil to improve the south-bound traffic from the Petaling Jaya Selatan toll plaza (or Sunway toll plaza) to Bandar Puchong Jaya.
The north-bound ramp near IOI Mall will be used for south-bound traffic and a 490m bridge will be built to channel north-bound traffic.
“Work will start in January and be completed in February 2013,” Sazally said.
In Petaling Jaya, the RM100mil upgrading work on the stretch of LDP between Persiaran Surian and Penchala toll plaza is under way.
“The site has been cleared and soil investigation completed. Work will start in January,” Sazally said.
Another RM21.4mil to ease congestion for south-bound traffic from the Damansara Utama Interchange to the SS2 Interchange is being planned.
Sazally said the toll plazas at LDP would be upgraded in tandem with the government’s intention of implementing the Multi Lane Free Flow system, where toll fares are deducted electronically by readers installed at the gantry above the highway.
Sazally said many developments had sprouted along the LDP and there was a need to constantly upgrade the highway connecting Kepong and Putrajaya.
“We hope that the authorities will also play their part. Big projects should not rely on the existing infrastructure,” he said.

source: TheStar

Thursday, December 2, 2010

MAHSA University College’s new campus will be built in Saujana Putra

MAHSA has bought a 50 acres site at Saujana Putra from Talam Corp Bhd in March 2010. The location of this site is near to Taman Putra Prima.
The Construction of the new campus at this site is expected to start in Jan 2011 at a cost of RM350 million. All Faculties, except the Faculty of Medicine, will be located there. The 1st phase of four Faculties and accommodation for 3000 students is expected to be completed in 3 years. Once fully completed, the campus will have about 15,000 students, a full hospital and a hostel.
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