Monday, December 15, 2014

Martial Arts in Taman Putra Prima

My name is Lam and I am seeking to develop a wushu/taiji/push hand team or group in Taman Putra Prima for the martial arts tournament as stated in and

Besides the two tournament, this group's establishment is also part of my intention to initiate a martial arts activity in Taman Putra Prima. The following is what I shall be offering :
a) Chen Style Taijiquan (Weapons and Patterns) 
*Chen style is different from those typically envisioned as old man's art. It is geared more towards martial application)
b) Shaolin Fist
c) Basic self-defence
d) Taiji Push Hand (Both practise and competition style)

This is open to anybody regardless of race, age or gender. My ultimate objective is to have a group from diverse background.

Interested individuals are free to contact me at 012-3160032 (watsapp as well) or

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