Friday, March 11, 2011

LBS Bina to make high-end jump

Spearheading LBS Bina's brand in the high-end market will be its jewel project called D'Island Residence in Puchong - an eight-year project with a gross development value (GDV) of RM2.9 billion.Overall, the D'Island Residence will be developed on 175 acres and once completed, it will have a total of 237 units of super-link house, 298 semi-detached units, 148 bungalow units and 352 high-end condominiums as well as commercial units.The signs are good as during the soft launch recently, 51 units of super-link houses were sold. The official launch is in April 2011.It also plans to launch 122 units of super-link houses that cost just below RM1 million each and 74 units of semi-detached houses at above RM2 million.
source: Btimes
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Anonymous said...

Wow! ppl are willing to pay a premium for a hse in middle of nowhere

Anonymous said...

Surelah, nowadays most important is the concept which is what LBS is selling not so much the house itself which in my opinion cannot be called a super-link (but is commonly called so nowadays)because the width is still 22'. Actual/proper super-links are normally 24' and above.

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