Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Avoid U-turn Near Toll

MOTORISTS travelling from USJ and Shah Alam heading towards Puchong via the Damansara-Puchong Highway (LDP) have been making U-turns placed just 50 metres away from the toll gates to get on to the opposite side of the road.
 However, the high volume of vehicles queuing to make the U-turns have contributed to traffic congestion and occasional accidents at the spot.
 “Every evening after work, the traffic backlogs to a long crawl as vehicles attempt to make the U-turn while traffic from the toll gates are also coming through the same road.
“It is very dangerous and inconvenient especially for motorists who are trying to exit from the toll,” said Puchong public complaint bureau head Kuan Chee Heng when met yesterday.
 Kuan added that those making the U-turn wanted to avoid having to pay the RM1.60 toll as they were mostly heading towards Jalan Seri Puchong which has some 15 different residential neighbourhoods.
 In order to get onto Jalan Seri Puchong, Kuan said the vehicles had to make the U-turn and immediately keep left as the junction into the road was some 500 metres away.
 “There are a lot of cars using this road every day and for one car to move from one lane to another just to get onto Jalan Seri Puchong is not easy, this is when accidents occurs,” he said.
 To make matters worse, Jalan Seri Puchong is a narrow single-lane road heading towards a fleet of residential areas, hence one can only imagine what the evening traffic would look like.
 Alternatively, Kuan said vehicle could use the vehicle box culvert (VBC) which has been constructed in Jalan Jurutera to get onto the opposite direction.
 “Not many people know of the existence of the VBC even though it has been around for more than 10 years as there are no signage to inform road users of the alternative U-turn.
 “This is why everyone chooses to use the U-turn on the highway,” he said adding that the VBC was a safer alternative route.
 While former Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) councillor Liew Yew Fook said widening Jalan Jurutera could also help in supporting a larger flow of traffic when more vehicles opt to use the road.
Litrak communications head Shah Rizal Mohamed Fawzi said the U-turn in front of the Puchong Barat toll was open to public in 2000 to accommodate requests from residents of Kampung Tun Razak and Kampung Tengah.
“We have signages informing the public of how they can get to Jalan Seri Puchong via Jalan Jurutera through the VBC, yet not many are utilising it.
“We certainly do hope that more motorists opt to use the VBC as it is much safer and convenient,” he said.
When asked if Litrak would close the U-turn on its highway in the future, Shahrizal said he was not sure if it would happen as the issue involved a few parties including the residents.
In the meantime, he said Litrak would look into adding more signage to inform the public of the alternative route through the VBC which is currently managed by MPSJ.

source: TheStar

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Thanks for info. of VBR

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They should bulit fly over like near IOI & Tesco.

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sorry but can someone tell me where is this VBR?

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Pls refer to the picture in this link

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