Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Paya Indah Wetlands @ Dengkil

Paya Indah Wetlands is a recreational park in Dengkil (nearby Putrajaya) that revolves around the conservation efforts of the area's peat swamp forests and freshwater lakes' ecosystems. There are 14 lakes in total and some lead to the Kuala Langat river.
In the past the whole place used to be an abandoned tin ore mining area until 1997, when a private company took over to convert the place to be a park which was subsequently opened in year 2000. However, just 3 years into operation, the park closed in 2003 and remained so until 2005 when Jabatan PERHILITAN (Department of Wildlife and National Parks) took over the reigns of the park's management. After some major refurbishment works, the park was reopened to the public in Oct 2008 and is such till today.

How to get there:


Anonymous said...

Looks like another BN White Elephant Project.Indeed it is, agree?

Anonymous said...

Is this blog still active? NO update for quite a long time.