Monday, January 30, 2012

Got A Complaint on Garbage? Just SMS to Council

The Sepang Municipal Council (MPSepang) has set up an SMS complaint system for garbage collection.
Residents can forward their complaints to the council by sending MPSEPANG SAMPAH to 15888.
Council president Mohd Sayuthi Bakar said the system was tested last week and ready for use
“So far, we do not have major problems with garbage collection and I don’t expect to receive many complaints via this channel,” he said at the full board meeting yesterday.
He added that he had met the 10 garbage contractors in the municipality and was confident of an efficient service.
Sayuthi also mentioned that the council would appoint 46 contractors to cut the grass and clean the drains from Feb 1.
He also announced that the Zon Bersih (clean zone) programme would be carried out this year.
Out of the four choices presented — Streetmall, NeoCyber, CBD Perdana and Persiaran Apec (near Petronas) in Cyberjaya — Streetmall was selected as Zon Bersih by the councillors.
Activities related to cleanliness would be planned and organised at Streetmall.
“We can improve the other three areas together as well,” Sayuthi said.
He said special attention would be given to Dengkil and Taman Putra Perdana, which had been chosen as “adopted zones”, to enhance their image.
“We will clean up the areas. Other activities are still being planned but public engagement will be emphasised,” he said.
Meanwhile, Sayuthi said he had yet to receive the new councillors’ list for the 2012 term, although the term of service would expire today.
“Business should go on as usual until further notice,” he said.

source: Thestar


Anonymous said...

Lembu punya Moo..yuddin

Anonymous said...

I'm staying at the 4B, lately noticed someone dump their waste, such as bamboo tree branches in the playground within 4A and 4B.
worse still, lastnight I noticed the mother and daughter actually dump the waste in the 4A housing area, just next to the playground entrance. so unethical and uncivilized!!!!!
do you think i can make use of same SMS feature and launch a report?
just mine thought.

Anonymous said...

You should advise her to dump the waste in big iron waste container located near Masteron's office at Taman Mas. We can dump all those large objects such as old furniture,taoist altar (of course unused one), tree branches and renovation waste there