Sunday, October 31, 2010

Owners who renovate homes without approval to be fined

THE Sepang Municipal Council (MPSepang) will go after owners who have renovated their flats or houses extensively without getting the authority’s approval.
Council president Mohd Sayuthi Bakar said those who had renovated their homes without council permission were now given two months to rectify the situation or face heavy fines.
He said the problem was especially worrying in the case of flats where those living on the ground floor renovated their units.
“There is no provision in the council’s by-laws to allow flat dwellers to carry out renovations. They must immediately demolish the illegal structures or face 10 times the cost of the extension plan,’’ said Mohd Sayuthi at the full council board meeting on Thursday.
He said house owners who had carried out renovations without council approval would also be fined.
“We will carry out enforcement action from January onwards,’’ he added.
He said most of the flat dwellers were in Putra Perdana.
Councillor Lau Weng Chan (Kota Warisan) said since there was an existing grading system for food outlets, similar guidelines should also be imposed on those offering home delivery in light of many complaints and possible health risks.
“We do not know how this food is being prepared, so we can apply the existing guidelines on those offering such services,’’ he Lau.
The council president said it was not necessary as the number of people offering such services was small.

source: TheStar

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